Trainline Android App Rebuild 2015

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Working in a zero documentation and rapid prototyping environment. The Android app moves at the same pace as iOS and led the field in terms of NFC payments and season tickets and Paypal integration.

Using Sketch, Marvel and Flinto myself and the UI designer rebuilt the entire app.Using Sketch, Marvel and Flinto, myself and the UI designer rebuilt the entire app changing the front-end architecture of the app. I researched and redesigned the Checkout. Adding new features Guest Checkout and Paypal as well as simplifying the checkout flow itself, removing postcode to minimise friction and redesigning the Stored Cards flow. This has become a definitive app check out.

With bi-weekly user testing, iterating on the prototypes and pairing with Devs and BAs to identify problems and provide solutions in the heavily regulated UK train market. In the process we set industry standard and Trainline has become a huge success, widely copied both in the UK and internationally (sometimes shamelessly) Trainline is now a standard bearer for start-up mentality in a corporate environment. We blew away internal targets on conversion and transition rates and had highly successful Google Play Store optimisation.

I did all the UX on the following features in 2015:

  • Revised App IA, movement to a “nabber” style menu
  • Simplification of journey (previous separate for live times and buying tickets)
  • Revised Checkout flows
  • Implementation of Guest Checkout
  • Paypal as Payment method
  • Revised My Tickets (post-purchase) section
  • Implementation of rebrand
  • Universal app for iPad and iPhone
  • Revised Search Results page
  • Successful Google Play store optimisation

UI Design credit: Rob Cleaton