Photobox Mobile Apps iOS and Android 2016-18

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I worked on the end-to-end customer experience, collaborating with designers and engineers across the company.

Regular customer research established numerous different mental models customers had of photos and printing. I organised and ran Customer Research and  Competitor Research sessions and after analysis designed a simplified and scaleable software model which became the basis of the web build of studio software as well as the apps.

  • 4 toolbars on 3 customer views of the product, page and photo
  • With 2 toolbars in 1 view, I used a colour change of the toolbar to intuitively inform the customer that the context had changed.
  • The colour change matched the photo-editing colours of the OS photo-editing software.

As well as the complexities of the product editor I worked on the regular eCommerce aspects of the apps. This included revised Product Pages, Range/List Pages, Search Result Pages, as well as revised Checkout and Payment options.

  • Revised checkout and payment.
  • Revised Upload flow, including app backgrounded photo upload.
  • Implementation of Apple Pay
  • Work on website product editor